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Meet the Owners, Tony & Stephanie 


The dream started with Tony while he was in the heart of his military career. He was, and still is, a car enthusiast that's passionate about automotive customization. He followed through with his dream by becoming certified in window tinting, detailing, paint correction and protection. He opened up shops in Germany, Utah, and South Dakota, all while continuing his military career! Once he retired, as he would inform you, "20 years, 6 months, and 14 days later!") he pursued a career in the car sales business to sharpen his skills in salesmanship. Shortly after starting at a distinguished, local dealership, he met his wife, Stephanie. She had been working in the nursing field for more than 10 years. As circumstances would have it, an opportunity came along to take over a different tint shop, as the owner was moving back to his home state of Utah. They took a risk, put it in God's hands, and have never looked back! Today they are among the best tint shops in the Black Hills. They have taught 5 of their 6 kids how to tint and two still work in the shop with them today. Chace and Gavin will be going to school  in the spring to get certified in paint protection, just like their stepdad. Jordynn has opened up shops in North Dakota and Washington DC while going to college for both her undergrad and master's degree in engineering. They are blessed and honored to create such a legacy alongside their children. We invite you to read through their reviews, both on Google and Facebook. You will see the pride they take in their outstanding customer service and their ability to offer high quality products for an affordable price. Let them take care of you in helping you protect your investments. You won't be disappointed.

Meet the Team, Chace & Gavin

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